ASL Study Guide

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ASL DVD Install

  1. Insert the ASL Study Guide DVD into your computer's DVD drive.

  2. Give it a minute or so and the ASL Start Menu should run.

       If it does not, remove the DVD and try again. Give it time to recognize the DVD data.

       If it still does not start, call or email for help.

  3. On the left side of the ASL Start Menu are 5 buttons. Click the 3rd one labeled: "ASL Study Guide".

  4. At first you will see a small text box telling you that you must register.

  5. Click the "OK" button. The Study Guide itself should run and there will be instructions in the display window.

  6. Read carefully, then click on "File" in the menu strip to get a dropdown menu.

  7. Click on "Registration" and a text box will appear with a Program ID unique to your computer.

      Note: If you don't see the "Program ID", click on menu item "Program ID" to reveal it.

  8. Write down the Program ID and close all programs.

  9. Go to and creat a login account if you don't have one.

 10. Once logged in, click on the link for "DVD Registration" on the left side of the home page.

 11. At the registration page read carefully the instructions, then fill out the form COMPLETELY.

 12. All information including the Program ID and the Disk ID must be submitted.

 13. Your ASL Study Guide password for access will be computed on the Program ID & the Disk ID.

 14. Make sure the the numbers are correct and that digits are not transposed.

 15. Only one password can be issued.

 16. You will receive an email with your ASL DVD Password. Run the program as you did above.

 17. When you click on "Registration" again it will now ask for that Password.

 18. Make sure you enter it correctly and then click OK to check it out.

 19. You should now see the "Blue Globe" spinning in the display window. If so, you are good to go.

 20. If you do not see the Globe, you will need to download QuickTime from the Apple website

 21. Go to and download the latest version of QuickTime.

 22. Once QuickTime is installed on your computer, run the ASL Study Guide again, and all should work.

 23. If you have any problems, call or email describing your problem.

 24. Print out these instructions if you need to.



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