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Our ASL Study Guide DVD is an interactive learning program designed to help students learn American Sign Language (ASL). It is tailored to the ASL class taught at Governor's State University by instructor, Eileen Truszkowski. Weekly lessons are presented on the DVD as they are in her class. The video sign clips are front and side views of Eileen signing ASL signs exactly as she does in class. The ASL Study Guide DVD compliments classroom learning by allowing you to take the instructor home with you to study in the privacy of your own home whenever you choose. Our Study Guide has been shown to increase the student's grade level on the average of one letter grade.


Unique to this software program is the final exam. Students are required to sign a *"Karl Story" as their final exam. Our software includes the final exam as signed by Eileen to help prepare the student for their final.


This program is a must if you work in a field where you have to communicate with a deaf person, e.g. hospital workers, law enforcement personnel, etc. This program is also invaluable if you are the parent of a deaf child, or the child of deaf parents.


*"Karl Story" is a ficticious, sorrowful, and sometimes funny story of a man who becomes addicted to buying things to the point of excluding his family (He doesn't even notice when they move out). Students are required to learn the story, convert it to ASL, and present it as their final exam.


The ASL Study Guide DVD is currently only available through this website.

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